Why did the Times glorify Barrack Obama

It all started with Radio2000 news headlines yesterday morning when I left for work that US President Barack Obama’s security had been breached. This only made sense, sort of, a few minutes later when I read a Times report on the alleged security breach. Continue reading


My Open Letter to BBC’s John Simpson

I could be wrong and I hope I am not, but I suspect you must have received hundreds of emails this week – many of them from angry black South Africans following your “Do white people have a future in South Africa?article. Well, accept my open letter too, while you’re at it… Continue reading

Raped Twice

This is a story of a now grown up woman who was raped twice before she reached her 16th birthday. The first one, as you will find out later, was by a family friend in his 30s while the second was by a gangster who told her that should she report the matter to the police – as she later did – she would not see her day in Court (which hasn’t happened to date because she now lives to tell the tale). Continue reading