Blacks say Zille “deserves a bullet”. And her response?

Last week Sunday morning I woke up to a group debate on Facebook that challenged (or did it invite?) people to share their views on whether Democratic Alliance leader and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille was “still” haunted by her 20 March tweet in which she referred to pupils from Eastern Cape province seeking better education in hers as “education refugees”. To date Zille had on more than two occasions written about the incident. Continue reading


Hey, but Zille is right – ANC has failed EC kids

While many black people (except this writer) may have called Democratic Leader and Western Cape premier Helen Zille names following her tweet on 20 March – well, she was right about one thing:  the ruling African National Congress, especially its Eastern Cape provincial government, had failed many parents – specifically their kids, rendering them [pupils] “education refugees” in Western Cape. And here’s why: Continue reading