Why should Mthethwa and Phiyega really go?

Last night I was shocked by calls by Douglas Gibson that Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa and Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega should be relived off their duties and responsibilities by President Jacob Zuma. This is very unlikely for a number of reasons. Of course I am not referring to legal issues that would make this unlikely, if any at all. Continue reading

Raped Twice

This is a story of a now grown up woman who was raped twice before she reached her 16th birthday. The first one, as you will find out later, was by a family friend in his 30s while the second was by a gangster who told her that should she report the matter to the police – as she later did – she would not see her day in Court (which hasn’t happened to date because she now lives to tell the tale). Continue reading

Why are we criminalising and ill-treating street hawkers, maar?

On 17 November last year I saw the streets of Rustenburg being cleaned off street hawkers, many of whom are – according to my observation over the years – brothers and sisters from the African continent. This, of course, is not to imply that our streets are only flooded by these business-minded people because even many South Africans are street hawkers. Continue reading