On Western media’s myopic view of and anachronistic attitude towards Africa

Editor’s Note: This is an edited opinion piece that has seemingly been rejected for publication for reasons unknown to me by two online publications and TIME Online. For two South African online publications, their motive(s) for non-publication is not clear at all to me nor were attempts made to do so. But for the TIME, well, it is probably understandable as the opinion piece criticises its reporting of Africa – the ‘dark’ continent. Were all these publications fair not to publish this (which is of course their right)? You be the judge. Continue reading

US President Donald Trump, you’re fired!

This is a brilliant piece I sourced from the Fact Check web site on how it would have fired businessman Donald Trump was he one of its employees. This is because, among other things, he “repeats false claims about [Barrack] Obama’s birthplace. Continue reading