When not only is listening a skill, but that reading is too

…but that is if you have been given the tools that would enable you to either listen and or read. Sometimes you do not need to be something to know something about something. You need to use your common sense, that’s if you know what that is or that you have any of it. Continue reading

Did Mandela sell us out black people?

When former President Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie, reportedly said in an interview with The London Evening Standard newspaper in March last year that the old man “had let us [black people] down” and that he apparently agreed to a bad deal for us black people and that nothing seems to have changed as “economically, we [black] are still on the outside” and that “the economy is very much white” – many people said that was not true. But come on, really? What has changed anyway? Continue reading

A year later, we still wait for Finance Minister Pravin Gordon’s investigation into the 2010 World Cup tickets spending

Why did we spend so much money on world cup tickets instead of spending the millions, if not billions, on alleviating the high level of poverty South Africa especially government departments financed through taxation? This despite the ‘painful and expensive cost’ of hosting the tournament and the R3.3 billion it cost South Africa to successfully host the Fifa tournament. Continue reading