ANC does U-turn on the Info Bill public consultations,again

The ruling ANC has just issued a press statement saying it intends holding the public consultation on the Info bill across the country starting today, 18 November 2011. In a statement released on Friday evening, 18 November 2011, the ruling party said “a number of ANC Members of Parliament will this weekend interact with communities in various provinces on the Protection of State Information Bill”. Continue reading

It’s time for the press to put its “own house in order”

The Observer, Guardian’s sister newspaper in the UK, has written a brilliant editorial on how the Press and Media in general should put its house in order. Titled The press must put its own house in order, the editorial says much “tougher self-regulation is not a threat to press freedom but a last bastion to protect it” as it would “help silence demands for dangerous privacy laws designed to suit politicians”. Do you agree? Continue reading