Do Politicians and Muslims have any sense of humour?

A Zapiro drawing of Muhammad in the Mail & Guardian newspaper on 20 May 2010 had angered the Muslim communities nationwide and the South Africa Muslim Judicial Council as it continued to express “condemnation and disapproval” of the cartoon. Continue reading

M&G playing political games with anonymous sources?

The ruling African National Congress reacted (as usual?) to a Mail & Guardian newspaper report on 3 September last year. At the time, too, I though there was something amiss about the said report but its editor, Nic Dawes, had a different take on the issue. Continue reading

Financial Times editor on Why Journalism Matters

These are the best of times of journalism, especially if you are a business journalist because the profession has a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to report, analyse and comment on the most serious financial crisis since the Great Crash of 1929” and it also has the worst of times because the “news business is suffering from the cyclical shock of a deep recession and the structural change driven by the internet revolution”, said Financial Times editor Lionel Barber last year while addressing British Academy on Why Journalism Matters. Continue reading