Do Politicians and Muslims have any sense of humour?

A Zapiro drawing of Muhammad in the Mail & Guardian newspaper on 20 May 2010 had angered the Muslim communities nationwide and the South Africa Muslim Judicial Council as it continued to express “condemnation and disapproval” of the cartoon. Continue reading

M&G newspaper fighting solo Court battle to protects its sources

From 2009, the Mail & Guardian has revealed shocking details of corruption in tenders awarded to Bosasa by the department of correctional services. This was also at the same time the company was investigated for other corruption-related activities dating back to 2004/2005. Continue reading

SA newspapers’ editors on the Info Bill

Today, 22 November 2011, marked the day when South African members of Parliament in the National Assembly – majority of whom are members of the ruling African National Congress – voted into law legislation what would apparently see disclosure of any state information being a criminal offence, and therefore seeing its leakers and publishers facing about 20 years imprisonment. Continue reading

My highlights for 2010. What’s yours?

For me personally, I’d like to think that media freedom and the threat thereof have been one of the highlights for this year. For example: there is now Zapiro vs. Zuma issue underway and just before that we had the successful Supreme Court of Appeal ruling in favouring the Mail & Guardian newspaper and giving the presidency seven days to issue the newspaper with the Zimbabwe report commission by former president Thabo Mbeki although this is likely to be challenged through the Constitutional Court.  Continue reading