My Open Letter to President Jacob Zuma

Dear President Jacob Zuma,

 You’re lucky that I took time to write you this letter. It does not happen likely, and when I do, you need to know that I am very concerned. And that’s putting it mildly. By the way, I am not into open letters like Ben Trovato – a Sunday Times columnist – but I think sometimes it is the only way in which we can address our concerns as citizens to you as our leader or have a hope (in hell?) that our concerns would reach you and hopefully addressed and given the utmost attention they deserve. Continue reading

Why Willem Heath is heathering on dangerous grounds

President Jacob Zuma’s newly appointee and head of Special Investigating Unit, Willem Heath, might be messing up with the wrong man. Or rather, he might find himself in trouble for the defamatory allegations he made about former president Thabo Mbeki in an interview with City Press last week Sunday. Continue reading

Has Mail & Guardian confused you on the Maharaj saga?

I could not help but suspect that Mail & Guardian had left many people confused this weekend after it was successfully advised by President Jacob Zuma’s spokesperson, Mac Maharaj – an advice that was also supported by its own lawyers – that publishing information not authorised by the National Prosecuting Authority would be a criminal offence punishable for up to 15 years imprisonment. Continue reading

Zuma’s spin-doctor tells why we should continue to wait while ‘protocols’ are being observed on Public Protector report

The not-so-long-ago appointed spin-doctor (or special envoy and Spokesperson) for President Jacob Zuma, Mac Maharaj, has lambasted those who have been critical of the president. That’s a sign that he’s doing his job right: responding to commentators, newspapers and allegations against the president whenever they arise or there is a need. Right? Continue reading