Was Sowetan’s Mathale “dare” Zuma claim misleading?

The ANC in Limpopo rejected a Sowetan newspaper report about two weeks back, alleging that its provincial leader and chairperson Cassel Mathale had dared the ruling African National Congress President Jacob Zuma to arrest him. The rejection of the allegation follows the newspaper report‘s headline line “Mathale Dares Zuma: Arrest Me”, followed by sub-heading “Defiant Limpopo Premier Lashed Out As Mangaung Fever Hots Up”. Continue reading

ANC does U-turn on the Info Bill public consultations,again

The ruling ANC has just issued a press statement saying it intends holding the public consultation on the Info bill across the country starting today, 18 November 2011. In a statement released on Friday evening, 18 November 2011, the ruling party said “a number of ANC Members of Parliament will this weekend interact with communities in various provinces on the Protection of State Information Bill”. Continue reading

Serving the media or the public?

There are many things that one must agree are in the public interest to know. This, for example, includes reports of corrupt government and business officials or those who are under suspicion of such corrupt activities. Be that as it may, there are still certain reports by the media that are not actually in and or serving ‘the public interest(s)’, at least not in my interests, members of the public. Continue reading