Info Bill “essentially a security Bill, not a media Bill”, says ANC

Following Mail & Guardian Online report earlier on the passing of the “Info Bill” in Parliament – the ruling African National Congress released a statement saying it welcomed the National Assembly’s passing of the Protection of State Information Bill. In welcoming the bill the ruling party said this was an “essentially” security bill and “not a media Bill” which it claimed was aimed at “protecting the national security of the Republic of South Africa”. Continue reading

SA newspapers’ editors on the Info Bill

Today, 22 November 2011, marked the day when South African members of Parliament in the National Assembly – majority of whom are members of the ruling African National Congress – voted into law legislation what would apparently see disclosure of any state information being a criminal offence, and therefore seeing its leakers and publishers facing about 20 years imprisonment. Continue reading

ANC does U-turn on the Info Bill public consultations,again

The ruling ANC has just issued a press statement saying it intends holding the public consultation on the Info bill across the country starting today, 18 November 2011. In a statement released on Friday evening, 18 November 2011, the ruling party said “a number of ANC Members of Parliament will this weekend interact with communities in various provinces on the Protection of State Information Bill”. Continue reading