Will Indian police authorities win a criminal case against Zee News channel for revealing the Indian rape victim’s identity?

On 6 January 2013 I started writing this blog post which I never published until today. It still puzzles me why it took me over a month to publish this piece. While I understand there might be a number of reasons, but that it took me this long worries me. It is further heartbreaking this publication comes a few days after South Africa had its own Indian-like-rape incident in the Western Cape province where a 17-year-old girl, Anene Booysen, was reportedly raped, had her intestines removed and found at the scene, and later died in hospital last week Saturday. Continue reading


Raped Twice

This is a story of a now grown up woman who was raped twice before she reached her 16th birthday. The first one, as you will find out later, was by a family friend in his 30s while the second was by a gangster who told her that should she report the matter to the police – as she later did – she would not see her day in Court (which hasn’t happened to date because she now lives to tell the tale). Continue reading