Why Press Ombuds must investigate Sunday Times editor

As mentioned on Facebook 30 May following a report that South African Press Council had refused to investigate an ethical misconduct complaint against Sunday Times editor, Phylicia Oppelt, by Communications minister Dina Pile spokesperson, Wisani Ngobeni, I still maintain she must be investigated. Continue reading

SABC, e.tv, DStv – same non-sense repeats

On 30 December last year Percy Mabandu wrote a piece on City Press titled “Urgent appeal to the SABC and e.tv” out of frustration because, he claimed, South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC’s) programming sucked (emphasised). Well, he’s damn right, it sucks – but don’t all SA tv programmes suck  – whether whether on e.tv, DStv or TopTV? Continue reading

A Journo’s open letter to “white colleagues”

My favourite newswoman and former Mail & Guardian senior political reporter, Mmanaledi Mataboge – now working for the now controversial City Press which has of recently been speculating on news than reporting them as facts – wrote a brilliant piece on 23 September 2009 to her “white colleagues”, saying their intolerance of her and their disregard of her talents and accomplishments because she is black have resulted in both of them failing to “know and understand each other”. Continue reading