My Open Letter to BBC’s John Simpson

I could be wrong and I hope I am not, but I suspect you must have received hundreds of emails this week – many of them from angry black South Africans following your “Do white people have a future in South Africa?article. Well, accept my open letter too, while you’re at it… Continue reading


Can we transform Springbok without blackening it?

Given how sensitive many South Africans are especially on issues of race and transformation following the oppression majority people (blacks) in this country have endured over hundreds of years it is quite shocking that many (especially whites) still see “Transformation Talk” as “anti-white”. Continue reading

When whites see black-dominance as “sleepwalking” towards apartheid

I came across a very disturbing article in UK’s This London newspaper published on Wednesday which sought to suggest that anything that has or is of black-dominance is “sleepwalking” towards apartheid as if black people ruled during that time. The newspaper reported on what it called a “landmark report” which had found that London’s secondary school system was dominated by black and Asian pupils. Continue reading