On Western media’s myopic view of and anachronistic attitude towards Africa

Editor’s Note: This is an edited opinion piece that has seemingly been rejected for publication for reasons unknown to me by two online publications and TIME Online. For two South African online publications, their motive(s) for non-publication is not clear at all to me nor were attempts made to do so. But for the TIME, well, it is probably understandable as the opinion piece criticises its reporting of Africa – the ‘dark’ continent. Were all these publications fair not to publish this (which is of course their right)? You be the judge. Continue reading

SABC, e.tv, DStv – same non-sense repeats

On 30 December last year Percy Mabandu wrote a piece on City Press titled “Urgent appeal to the SABC and e.tv” out of frustration because, he claimed, South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC’s) programming sucked (emphasised). Well, he’s damn right, it sucks – but don’t all SA tv programmes suck  – whether whether on e.tv, DStv or TopTV? Continue reading

My Open Letter to President Jacob Zuma

Dear President Jacob Zuma,

 You’re lucky that I took time to write you this letter. It does not happen likely, and when I do, you need to know that I am very concerned. And that’s putting it mildly. By the way, I am not into open letters like Ben Trovato – a Sunday Times columnist – but I think sometimes it is the only way in which we can address our concerns as citizens to you as our leader or have a hope (in hell?) that our concerns would reach you and hopefully addressed and given the utmost attention they deserve. Continue reading

ANCWL condemns Zapiro’s dick cartoon & ANC wants apology

The ruling African National Congress’s Women League has come out with guns blazing, criticising cartoonist Jonathan “Zapiro” Shapiro for a cartoon appearing on Mail & Guardian’s 6 July 2012 edition. In the M&G cartoon, what seems like a men’s penis (Gallery viewer, I suppose) has visited the Goodman Gallery and sits in front of what looks like a mirror. Continue reading

Why are we criminalising and ill-treating street hawkers, maar?

On 17 November last year I saw the streets of Rustenburg being cleaned off street hawkers, many of whom are – according to my observation over the years – brothers and sisters from the African continent. This, of course, is not to imply that our streets are only flooded by these business-minded people because even many South Africans are street hawkers. Continue reading