Can we transform Springbok without blackening it?

Given how sensitive many South Africans are especially on issues of race and transformation following the oppression majority people (blacks) in this country have endured over hundreds of years it is quite shocking that many (especially whites) still see “Transformation Talk” as “anti-white”. Continue reading

A year later, we still wait for Finance Minister Pravin Gordon’s investigation into the 2010 World Cup tickets spending

Why did we spend so much money on world cup tickets instead of spending the millions, if not billions, on alleviating the high level of poverty South Africa especially government departments financed through taxation? This despite the ‘painful and expensive cost’ of hosting the tournament and the R3.3 billion it cost South Africa to successfully host the Fifa tournament. Continue reading

Should Shiceka get his a** kicked out of govt. for his ‘fruitless’ spending and promiscuity?

Controversial Minister in the Department of Co-operative governance and Traditional Affairs, Sicelo Shiceka, has been exposed several times before and even more recently as quite an excessive spender of taxpayers’ money. What is not unknown, however, is whether his reported spending spree tendency, if not habit, is negligent or not. And until then, what is left of us is to just speculate what should happen and what should not happen. Continue reading