About Akanyang

Akanyang MerementsiI am a Media Freak. I read, learn and write about media and politics all the time and other issues too. Some say my writings are bias but they are not, okay?

By the way, Opinions expressed here are mine. And if they are not, of course you will know and or I would expect you to tell. Right? Oh, did I tell you that I reserve the right to be accurately and correctly quoted in other medium of communication (by bloggers, writers, authors, columnists, editors, freelance writers, creators, artists, musicians or other mainstream media)? But when you do, just make sure that you do not quote me “out of context”.

7 thoughts on “About Akanyang

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  2. Hi Akanyang. Thanks for checking out my blog. I wanted to follow your blog but could not find the “follow” button. I followed you on twitter though. Will visit now and now for political chat.

    • Dumela Mme,

      Ga ke itse go tla jang gore o se ke wa kgona go latela blog ya me.

      Ke kopa o shebe sentle, gongwe o tla bona “follow” button.

  3. hooo boy – do you have it wrong. I suppose for the next 5000 years black incopmpetence will still be blamed on white competence…Just look around you man…just look – for Gods sakes dont write …! That just proves hou white hating you are…

    • Go to hell man. In my “About” page there’s nothing about black and or white, let alone apartheid. So who the heck are you to accuse me of “white hating”.

      By the way, who died and made you want to make me love white people. I love everyone not because of the colour of their skin – but unlike you – I also love people because of their reasoning capabilities. Other than that, I love everyone else who’s a reasonable human being with an untainted heart.

      Get lost and get a life you seemingly black hater…

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