Open Letter to IFP’s “educated” Blessed Gwala

Dear “educated” Blessed Gwala (IFP National Chairperson)

An email sent by the party’s KZN Legislature Media Officer, Phendulani Biyase, dated 4 May 2015 and headlined “IFP: ONLY UNEDUCATED MINDS WILL VOTE FOR THE ANC IN 2016” is the most insulting, despicable comments to any voter irrespective of their education level or status or even political affiliation.

It goes further to quote you, Gwala, as saying ‘only “uneducated minds” will vote for the ruling party [ANC] in the upcoming by elections and in 2016 elections’.

The press statement in which you, Gwala, are quoted continues: “Any serious minded South African should be looking for an alternative party to replace the “non-performing” ANC administrations at municipal level. People are now fed up with poor service delivery and will not continue to vote for the ANC at local government level. Voters now see the ANC led municipalities as a government bereft of ideas, a government bereft of policies and a government bereft of credibility”.

Taken in this context, it is therefore not surprising that the very educated people that voted for your party are, fortunately or not, now being led by the very “uneducated minds” you are dissing and insulting by virtue of their having voted the ruling party, ANC, into power for over 21 years to days.

While you may be excising your right to criticise the ruling party, especially how it governs at municipal level (or even at national level), calling voters “uneducated minds” and therefore stupid (emphasis) – as if you are any less stupid and or educated yourself better than the rest of us – is the most insulting thing any representative of any political party can ever say to any prospective voter. Furthermore, you should be very careful how you expect any prospective voter to take you and or your party any seriously when you refer to them as “uneducated minds”. If fact, I suspect it is only “uneducated minds” like yours that believe they are smarter and more intelligent than the rest of the South Africans voters that write and or say despicable comments like those attributed to you by IFP’s KZN Legislature Media Officer.

Not only are these comments insulting, but they further prove to you and your likes why the ANC may be the (only) party – as it always claims – that is representative of the poorest of the poor, many of them with low literacy level or many of them “uneducated”, as you claim.

Importantly, the last time I checked, one’s education level was never a requirement for any voter in South Africa, and that if you, as IFP, have since introduced this to your members, good luck because that nonsense can only work for them and not work for the rest of the prospective voters that IFP is trying to lure and or attract.

So while you go around campaigning for your party in preparation for next year’s elections, I hope your “educated minds” will hear you and vote for your party.


“Uneducated” Akanyang Merementsi

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