Her Story: A dedication to my Sister

This is a piece I wrote last night after speaking to one of my sisters. I wrote this during moments of sadness and despair. It is an attempt to imagine her journey and her life. It my imagination of Her Story.

My Heart is conflicted,

My Hear beats for her daily,

My heart missed her,

Through our hearts’ eyes we saw each other,

We longed for one another’s voices

Months have gone by, almost years,

We spoke, We laughed,

We smiled,

Today, it had been long,

We never stopped loving each other,

I love her,

My Sister,

She ain’t perfect, no one is,

Amazing soul, she is,

A fighter in her own right,

A mother, a sister, a cousin,

Still a child to a mother,

A child at heart she still is

She’s travel her own world,

From West to East, from South to North,

Searching for something only she knows,

Something she thinks and believes,

She’s now found it

A mother, a wonderful one,

A not perfect mother with her weakness,

The many weaknesses many of us have,

The same weaknesses many of us do not know how to deal with,

She’s been through storms,

Slept wherever her feet land,

A home is where sunset found her

She pulled through

I lover her,

My Sister,

My cousin,

My aunt,

My grandmother,

My niece,

My Mom

Happy, she says she is.


One thought on “Her Story: A dedication to my Sister

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