Brian Hlongwa ‘guilty’ charge premature?

While noting media reports that the Brian Hlongwa corruption matter has been referred to the ANC Integrity Committee, it will be premature to want it to take any decision now…

… that’s unless or until he found guilty by a Court of law or any institution whose decisions/findings are the same as that of a Court of law. But for anyone to want the party to take any decision against Hlongwa now will not only be unfair and dangerous for the party but it will be unfair too for the accused himself mainly because of the reason stated above and also that the case currently is before a Court of law.

The ANC will therefore have to await the outcome of the court case first – which could take years especially if the court finds against Hlongwa and that he appeals such rulings until the SCA (or even the ConCourt) or if the state appeals against all rulings in his favour – before it can make any ethical ruling on his alleged conduct at the time when he was Health MEC in Gauteng.

While I commend efforts in 2009 by Jack Bloem of Democratic Alliance to expose the fact that Brian had bought his house and questioned how he could afford it, and why Mr Richard Payne, the Managing Director of 3P Consulting had helped him buy the property – I however find premature the suggestion that allegations against Hlongwa will “cloud over [and compromise] Premier David Makhura’s pledge to run his administration with integrity and free of corruption”.

So until then all persons and opposition parties yearning for Hlongwa’s blood will have to wait for that Court outcome … as not even his resignation will save him OR US the embarrassment over these SERIOUS allegations…


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