SABC #Hlaudification: 18 Unanswered questions

Noting the apparent #Hlaudification of the SABC, here are the 18 questions that both the SABC Board and the Communications Minister must answer.

These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Whether the currently appointed SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng met the requirements;
  2. What these requirements are/were;
  3. Whether the post was advertised internally or externally and where;
  4. Whether interviews took place, where and how many candidates were shortlisted;
  5. Which law firm advised the SABC on the appointment Hlaudi;
  6. How much the law firm’s report cost the SABC and who authorised such a payment;
  7. Who requested the law firm’s opinion;
  8. Whether Hlaudi had any “reasonable expectation” that he will be appointed to the said position taking into account the number of years he had acted in that position;
  9. Whether Hlaudi had ever been promised appointment to the position and by whom;
  10. Whether the law firm report that led to Hlaudi’s appointment can and or will be made public without censorship and who sought the legal firm’s advise and when;
  11. Whether at any stage before his appointment, Hlaudi had ever threatened or acted in a way that compelled and or forced the SABC to appoint him to his now position;
  12. Who actually signed Hlaudi’s appointment;
  13. How was Hlaudi’s appointment decided and or voted;
  14. Whether Public Protector’s findings on Hlaudi and others were taking into account and how;
  15. Whether, following the Public Protector’s recommendations, any disciplinary actions against Hlaudi were ever taken;
  16. If so, what were the recommendations thereof and whether they were ever implemented;
  17. Whether the Auditor General’s report findings into the SABC during the time Hlaudi had been acting as SABC COO were ever taking into account or not,
  18. Whether Hlaudi’s appointment is not unlawful and irregular, resulting in maladministration and irregular expense (as a result of his salary increase, also taking into account the Public Protector’s findings on this matter),

What other questions do you think the SABC Board and the Communications Minister need to answer?


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