Books and I

I have just finished reading this interesting book – The Forgotten by David Baldacci. This is a story about police’s dirty work, slave trading, crime, etc.

Simply put: this is a story about things that appear not to be what they should be. Or people, even.

I am really not into fiction but I have enjoyed this one. Having bought the book at CNA on 28 June 2014, I enjoyed the book so much that I finished this 594-page story in less than a month.

But because I am a slow reader – meaning I take some time to finish a book (Hell I haven’t even finished Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and suspect that has something to do with it being a non-fiction and huge, although I read mostly non-fiction books) – I never saw myself finishing this book this soon, in my view.

As far as I am concerned, this is a great achievement, especially when it comes to fictions.

Oh, this reminds me of Malaika Mahlatsi’s memoir which, too, took me less than a month to finish reading. Like I said, I am a slow reader.

So, given the chance, if any, I will write a review about these two recent books I read here.

Although I had already started reading it in between The ForgottenGood Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda Le Grange is next.


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