Unregistered Thulaganyo Nursing School in Taung in operation?

This is the first podcast clarifying my Facebook and Twitter earlier this morning regarding an unregistered nursing school in Taung to whose bank account prospective students have already deposited as much as R20 000,00 for registration despite its accreditation and registration application not yet approved by the South African Nursing Council.

Click here to listen on Sound Cloud.

NB: I hope to start blogging through podcasts in the future…

17 thoughts on “Unregistered Thulaganyo Nursing School in Taung in operation?

  1. Dear Refilwe and Mapule you are consulting with an individual who seems to be clueless regarding the journalistic principles of research, opinion or fact. Dear editor, please refrain from posting anything regarding Thulaganyo Nursing School. Frankly, the going ons at the Institution do not concern you one bit.

    • Dear Rebaone,

      You have no idea what you are talking about. And since you know everything, please advice them accordingly.

      What journalistic principles are you talking about? Get your facts straight next time.

      • Can someone please give me more info about this guy. He needs to be called to order or even better, He needs to be sued for defamation and libel. You have no idea who you are dealing with. Don’t worry, students have been properly advised by professionals. Not chancers like yourself. Go study first if you really want to work in the media. Maybe I will even give you a job

  2. Guys we dnt need u 2 fyt over this all we need 2 knw is is da schoolin operation or not so dat 1 knws wer 2 go and study stop wastin our tym,tell what we need 2 hear nt what u wana say and da correct answer will help

    • Dear Tshepo,

      I am being fought and accused of things here. However, let me close this matter by saying this, the school is now registered. However, whoever wants to go and study there is well come to contact the South African Nursing Council on the following details to confirm the said registration themselves on the information below:

      South African Nursing Council
      Private Bag X132, Pretoria, 0001, Republic of South Africa
      National: 012 420-1000
      International: +27 12 420-1000
      National: 012 343-5400
      International: +27 12 343-5400
      E-mail: registrar@sanc.co.za

      Additionally, click on this link to see all registered Nursing Schools in SA, including their contact details: http://www.sanc.co.za/pdf/NEIs/Private%20NEI's%20Details%2010June2015(Amended).pdf

      Thulaganyo Nursing School,
      Contact Person: Ms M V Lobelo
      Cell: 072 933 9615
      Fax: 086 504 7937
      Email: thulaganyonursingschool@gmail.com

      I hope this helps ya’ll.

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