My 2014 Budget appeal to ‎Pravin Gordhan

As Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan looks set to give us his budget speech tomorrow which should of course focus on how we he plans to cut costs, among others, I have a suggestion.

With about 1.5m taxpayers in the country  – although there are no exact figures and this depends on who you listen to – who have to look after reportedly 17m people on social welfare – this is really not cool at all as it puts a lot of strain on us. But one hopes these 16 steps will go a long way in assisting him cut costs:

  1. We can’t sustain the social grants forever – something’s got to give;
  2. We can’t lose money due to corruption, maladministration, irregularity and unspent billions – some shit’s gots to go down, people must get fired within a short period of time (fairly and procedurally of course, to avoid this coming back to haunt us through reinstatements at CCMA and or any court in the land – meaning more waste of our taxes);
  3. We can’t have the future generation unemployed forever –something’s gots to give;
  4. We can’t afford such a big lists of cabinet ministers – the number has to shrink;
  5. We can’t have people accused of corruption on paid suspension for a long time – the rules have got to change;
  6. We can’t afford cabinet ministers, mayors, MECs, traditional leaders, etc. getting paid such a hell lot of money (some for doing fokol) – salaries needs to be frozen for years or some perks have got to go;
  7. We can’t have any investigations (unless commission of inquiries which MUST only be approved by the President) running for over a year – that’s a waste of our taxes, rules must change;
  8. We can’t have ministers and MECs changing cars more than once within their term – this is bullshit (unless at his/hers costs);
  9. We can’t have more than two cabinet reshuffle within a five-year term – this is bullshit, the President needs to sort that shit out;
  10. We can’t have govt departments and or state organisations footing the legal bill of people accused of corruption/irregularities/maladministration – that’s another waste of our taxes;
  11. We can’t have more than 1 DG on each ministry – this shit needs to stop (job creation while taxing us? Se moer!);
  12. NO MORE Deputy DGs or Deputy Ministers – bullshit, duplicity or no work at all costs us an arm and a leg – maybe at the minister’s costs;
  13. MM and counsellors must be accountable to the communities they serve, not the party that appointed them or to which they belong – fuck them, who’s paying them and who are they servicing?
  14. MEC and Ministers only needs to travel with one PA or one spokesperson – we can’t afford to pay people to be just tagged by the minister flying around the country, if not the world;
  15. The president’s official residence needs to be reduced – but one MUST BE in Pretoria – surely he has a residence of his/her own (or does s/he rent a flat?) – two fully funded by the state will be enough – these things costs money, unless of course s/he chooses to pay a third presidential residence from his pocket; and
  16. Scrap the Ministerial Handbook – we are made to pay a shit lot of money because of it, resulting in us taxpayers paying a hell lot more than our counterparts in other parts of the world and this worries us.

Any other costs cutting suggestions are welcome.

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