Why National Consumer Commissioner Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi needs to move on

National Consumer Commissioner Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi must stop begging for her job back from Trade and Industry minister, Rob Davies. She must earn it. Media reports on Wednesday quoted her telling the Pretoria Press Club that: “I believe I have worked very hard. I have excelled”.

The commissioner went further to speak of how she had “gone beyond my call of duty”. “In fact, myself and the (consumer commission) team have made sure consumers are better off,” she said, according to City Press Online report today. Justifying why her contract should be renewed, Mohlala-Mulaudzi said: “I love my job and would love to continue in my position as consumer commissioner. I believe that for any institution to be effective, you need to give it between three to five years”.

But if Davies really feels and or is of the opinion that she hasn’t earned her position, whatever that would means – especially given the unsuccessful legal routes she’s previously explored, which are of course her rights, and the seemingly legal route she’s now hinted to take should Davis not bow to her unreasonable pressure to extend her contract for another 5 years as it expires on September 3 – she must get a life and move on. She now says “the court process has really been my last port of call”, a clear indication that she’s aint gonna give up any time soon.

What would it actually take the commissioner to see that her (failed) attempts on “many occasions to (set up) meetings” with Davis to “resolve this matter” – especially taking into account the Labour Court ruling in May this year – is a clear indication that the minister is not interested? Is she really that convinced that she’d not find another employment outside of the Trade and Industry’s Consumer Commission?

And assuming Davies does extend her contract for another 5 years as she now pleads him to – when it does come to an end at that time, will she also fight that it be extended for another 5 years?

Although I’ve previously supported her exercising her rights when she took Davies to Labour Court by trying to stop him from terminating her contract – which later ruled against her – and thereby start recruiting another NCC as the Public service procedures dictates, I now think she’s now acting stupid.

So, Commissioner, you are a smart and an intelligent woman who – given your status and the current portfolio under Davies and many other previous positions you’ve excelled at – would not be begging to being re-employed as you now seemingly ask of the minister.

Frankly, Commissioner, you’re better off Davies’ sight anyway.


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