Open letter to Afrikaner group VVK’s Paul Kruger

Sunday Independent today, 3 June 2012, said an Afrikaner group Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) which, according to the report, you are a spokesperson of defended its insulting of us black people during its protest outside Delmas Magistrate Court where Enock Mbele and Lazarus Mabena appeared on allegation of killing a care-giver and a 5-month-old baby in Mpumalanga.

According to the report, group members held placards that said (translated to English by the newspaper): “Black cowards – leave our women and children alone”, “Rob, rap, kill: we are finished with black South Africans” and “Barbarians leave our children alone”.

And just when I thought some whites would understand how some of these words (baboons, barbarians, Kaffirs, monkey) hurt SOME blacks – VVK members went ahead (out of anger and frustration, I suppose) and opened old wounds from apartheid – an era where it was okay and part of their being as whites to utter these words that were solely meant to belittle and demean a person of a darker/black skin.

When DA condemned these racial slurs, you accused it of denying the reality and of “downplaying the racial basis of these killings in the country”, according to Sunday Independent. I hope you were not quoted out of context as some people have a tendency of claiming they were.

You were further quoted in the report as saying your members “believe(d) that should government heed our call [as Afrikaners] for a separate state or republic for the Afrikaner community, there will be harmony in the country and the killing of our people will end”.

Err, you’re joking, right?

How is that possible (wanting an Afrikaner state) when these poor blacks are already struggling to get back their land from some of you, land that they were deprived of during apartheid era? That’s quite a dream, I tell you, especially when we are no longer under an apartheid government although some still do not see any difference when it’s compared to this “democratic” government we now are under. Sad indeed, isn’t it?

Well, Mr. Kruger, with due respect, maybe there will be harmony if you and your lot moved to Dutch. This is because you lot seem to believe there is no black-on-black murder, which actually exists. But asking that you consider moving abroad (as your likes have done in the past) won’t be solving the high murder rates of both blacks and whites. Or will it? Nah, I doubt.

Try Google allegations against Richard Mdluli and many others and you’ll see. Of course Mdluli remains innocent until proven otherwise by a competent court of law, and not by some court of a Public Opinion and Analysis as we South Africans tend to do.

Or maybe Mr. Kruger those members would not know of this because of the mode of media information (Afrikaans, I suspect) that they rely on for information? But still.

Between you and me, the problem with some Afrikaners like those is that when one of them is killed they want the whole country to listen to them but when one of us blacks is murdered (by a person of whatever colour by the way), they keep quiet in their little faraway farms and some highly-secured houses in the suburbs – a tendency that makes a lot of black people think that indeed their lives are – as it was in apartheid – still as inferior to those of their whiter counterparts.

Maybe the minute they (and we all blacks, equally) start condemning all killings as long as it is those of a human being irrespective of their colour, then you (and we blacks too) will see and probably experience the harmony you so long to live under.

So, let’s stop these racial slurs (of course they will always be there, if not suspected to be there, and will continue to being uttered in private).

Let’s condemn the killings of all people – black and or white – just as we do those of (black and white) rhinos irrespective of their gender.

A not-offended-when-called-kaffir South African

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One thought on “Open letter to Afrikaner group VVK’s Paul Kruger

  1. @ not offendid when called kaffir. (Nothing wrong with it) I am an Afrikaner, a white one, Boer descendant and also proud of. Also a great input in this country. By the time we got here, there were only huts and not much infrastructure.
    I was reading your article on the vvk, knowing people in the ANC, DA and the VVk, and as quite personal acquaintances. I am a person against racism and I can only come up with a conclusion that every person has a point of view. The fact is, this is not your country, It never was and it never will be, (Before you get angry, let me explain) In this case study, I want to ask you, what should America and Canada say? I assume it was not the Native American’s country when they first got there?, but the white settlers still saw it as theirs to take. America completely colonised the area and natives were massacred. Today it is their country, majority white off course. Well that is my opinion. But did they ask for a piece of land? Did they negotiate? Not what I know of, do you? Besides Blacks as you say, also seen as slaves less than 70 years ago in America got rights recently, meaning in the nearby century.
    Now I will explain the point of view of VVK , they feel they did not massacre you from the start,but gave an alternative option of apartheid. Living in separate areas. This was a way they thought will preserve a white nation (Hollanders, French, Germans) the settlers of being killed. These afrikaners have been here for 400 years, just settlers and farmers (Thanking the French settlers: de villiers, du plessis for the best wine exports of this country) at the time of good hope where inter racial marriages were allowed.(Look up your history) So they were not racists by the time they got here. But unfortunately the exploitation of the media made it look like there was racial hate from the beginning. It is false off course.
    Just people looking for land to farm such as the Bapo tribes and even xhosas who immigrated from north to South. Also looking for land. But I guess being white does make a difference. I can tell you one thing about difference: there is a difference between a person getting off from a boat saying negro (meaning black) and a person calling you after 400 years a kaffir (Meaning person with no religion)
    Now back to the VVK, most farm murders aren’t robberies, 85%, proven though, are racial, and no it is not due to apartheid’s crimes and now it is revenge, apartheid lasted only 40 years, we are looking at settlers being exposed on farms for centuries also facing the same fate: being murdered. That is the general point of view. All they want is safety not white supremacy. If it is indeed your race who are responsible for most killing and rapes, then why should they live with you if they don’t share your point of view. Cultural indifference is everywhere. Very naive to think it is not….
    If you say this is the blackman’s country then you are a racist point blank, no argument will change my mind. It is a strong statement, saying this is your country, well the Afrikaner, like the American and Canadian and Australian also said, it is their land. We can go fight about the land again if you want?
    Meaning you were fighting to get whites out of the country in the first place. It was tribal wars gaining land from the beginning that form part of this country’s history. So murder and plundering were acts prevalent in gaining power and position. Europe had the same history unfortunately many moons ago, making every South African in this regard quite frankly a proper primitive.
    You are not tolerating us, we are tolerating each other, we are now at a point where we should stand together. Maybe start to close our borders, educate our people, bring back the death penalty (Understanding the concept when taking a life, one will take responsibility for it), get a proper justice system, without subjective racial objectives, learning the concept of birth control (Why it is impossible to feed 6 to 7 children with 3 different girlfriends or wives) I won’t know maybe you will think there is nothing wrong with multiple partners, or taking a life. This is what we don’t know. But for most Afrikaners, it is a crime.
    But we are not going to sit in the dark and pretend there is nothing wrong with murdering and raping women and kids. If the Government doesn’t want to do anything about it, I don’t think it is wrong of the VVK asking for a separate piece of land, if they don’t share your opinions on the little regard of life you seem to have. (as per statement made that most just keep quiet, MY WORD! They have more rights than whites in the country)
    Apartheid was a form of survival, and I will keep to my point. Preventing massacres and wars at the time. Maybe we should have taken Canada, Australia and America’s example and left the natives as the minority.
    I want peace, freedom and love for thy brother but how can we live like this? All I know whatever the Government is trying is not working. Do you have a better solution? I see this as my country as well, I was born and raised here, it is all I know. If you want to kill me for it, then do it. OR do what we did in the beginning, give us our own area. I would want my family to live and their children’s children. I do however love and care for them.

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