Open Letter to my unracist black and white people

My People, there are web sites out there ( and somewhat administered by Adriana Stuijt, among others, that collects and records, on a constant basis, the murder of white people allegedly by black people. It is mostly of and for the minority.

Everything in them is about whites: how we blacks murder them, rape them, rob them, how they fear for their lives because of us (with some having left SA already), how some of them are denied job and business opportunities because of the BBBEE and AA, etc. For example, this is just one of the headlined articles these site “ANC-regime reinstates Apartheid”.

But what of the blacks who have been allegedly murdered, robbed, corrupted, humiliated by some white people? I ask you. Who records such incidents?

I am asking this because what these particular whites out there do (e.g. Franz Jooste) in defending their minority rights, land, identity, etc. as they always claim.

Is it about time we blacks, too, started collecting information and recording the atrocities we endure at the hands of these folks? That this might come across as racist, as some might choose to see it, I care less (sort of).

I am asking this because of a story on today’s [20 March 2012] Sowetan’s pg 2 (“Bail hearing for taxi driver ‘killer’ deferred”), which, unfortunately, has not been condemned by any civil movement/organisations that would often condemn the murder and or killing of the minorities (because they produce food for us[blacks], and that by doing so we would go hungry as our actions would drive them out of SA to other countries where there is no hostility and or danger towards them as white people). 

Not even SANTACO, AfriForum, Solidarity, ANC, SAHRC, or related-industry association had condemned the killing of a meter-taxi driver Mpumelelo Mabusa allegedly by Edward de Beer.

What are we to doing now?

By only collecting and recording incidents where the minorities have been affected while disregarding what we the majority endure (e.g. Farmworkers, domestic workers, etc) – aren’t these minority groupies discriminating or playing the racist card which, if the majority is to do that, they would then be condemned and seen as ‘racists’?

Should we be not condemning the killing of all people irrespective of their race? Further, should we be REALLY selectively and only racially recording the (attempted) murder, rap, robbery statistics of the minority and not the majority as some do now?

I could hardly read the next story on the newspaper before expressing this concern. And even if I were to try, I could not.

NB: Do not accuse me of racism when responding until and unless you have visited and seen these site and read what I referred to above. Don’t.

I am only asking…

Akanyang Merementsi

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6 thoughts on “Open Letter to my unracist black and white people

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  2. I do not think you are racist. You are right-I am a white, late thirties female-and i agree-it should not matter what race you are-if you kill someone, you kill someone. And, also-that if we are going to taut ratios and figures and facts -and the “experts” or whomever comes up with these statistics-should post, and it should be for mere fact-every race, like you said, the whites who kill blacks as well, and by not including those numbers, it has made it racist, and a false representation of a race. Then ignorant, close minded people read these statistics, and the stereotyping cycle continues. If any statistics are going to be held as “authentic, fact, and publicly distributed”-it should include all races, and be broken down into categories representing all aspects. Why not include areas? Ages? Leave out the race-perhaps we may learn something, after all, we are all the same species; human.

    • By saying the person was a he, I was not referring to you but I was referring to that Twitter guy who had insulted me.

      But do you thinks these web sites referring to in my post will be willing to includes statistics of blacks who were also victims of crime? I doubt

    • I support Adriana Stuijt. Take note. She is doing this for one reason, and one reason only.

      A government that is supposed to represent all people, regardless of race. Don’t. When ever you hear “racist” crime from the media that goes into international news, it’s when you get a white on black incident. Almost always this is “racism”. Yet, when the opposite happens, it is not international news, and NEVER, a “racist” incident.

      All Adriana Stuijt is doing is to balance the perception that black people is also racism prone, and ONLY want the news not given to the outside world, to come out. Is this racism. Not at all. What is racism, is a government not handling these issues fairly and in a balanced way. In other words, playing black and white against each other.

      At the end of the day, Minority rights are not acknowledged in South Africa, or Africa, and the only way to deal with issues like these is to attack the government, when in justice is being committed.

      So in all, the only solution to this, is when black people condemn black on white racist behaviour, rather than attacking the victims.

      This lady does this in her private capacity. She is not a government. If the government don’t want to make this details available, then someone should. And when somebody said, “the truth will set you free”, not said it won’t make your feel (Very) uncomfortable.

      What you “think” you know, and what is really happening against white people, is something to feel guilty about, and that doesn’t just go for black people, but many white ignorant people too, because they are also victims of “SABC” perception propaganda. Like white were “dumb” under apartheid, we see history repeating itself, now this time under an ANC regime keeping the sheeple “dumb.” It is up to people to dig deeper, rather than accepting main stream half truths, as “Fact”.

      The world is fed-up of double standards, and people should be able to deal with these issues fairly, regardless of the victim or perpetrator.


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