Facebook 101 or just a bad Sunday morning?

One of the things I have learned over the years is that I can write too much and that there is a lot that I want to write about but sometimes do not have the time to do so. It was only now that I realised that this must have started way back when I used to have what they called “Music Book” often favoured by girls. Even boys had that, silly.

Looking back now I realise that I have long had passion for writing. Hell, even at university I was the typist of the group (during group assignments). As I write this I remember very well that more that a music book, I also kept an exercise book where, during the evening, I would stay glued to our then black and white television and write down every word that seemed difficult from the Generations soapie actors and actress and write down the translation thereof as they appeared on my screen. At the time I thought this was the best way to learn the Queen’s language. So I had a little dictionary of my own for reference.

And as if that was not enough, during the time when I went through my own depression (almost even one goes through that, hey), I also had an exercise book in which I wrote down all my thoughts. This, it was said at the time, was helpful especially when one had no-one else to confined in. So my exercise book – which I somehow lost, but another one left atMafikeng– was all I communicated with. It kept all my thoughts, ideas, anger, stress, depression and secrets. This because it is said of human beings: trust no one. It is probably because of this little background that I like writing and have been blogging from 2005/6 to date and I have not looked back since.

You are probably wondering what’s with all this background. I am making this known just so that you are aware that we all have a space or somewhere where we write down our thoughts, however silly sometimes to others: mine is publishing them on my blog. But of course surely you’d know by now – especially with the help of technology – that there are many ways in which one can share one’s thoughts and ideas except just blogging and writing to print and online publications. Now there are social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With these social networks, specifically Facebook, come the challenges of security, for example. One of the challenges I have with it is not with the site itself (for now0 but actually with some people that use it. In fact, it is actually an irritation, which is for the reason I am writing this piece.

Unlike Twitter which allows one to write only 140 characters (unless using other sites when you have took much to say), Facebook on the other hand allows one to write way more than 140 characters when one updates his/her status (and I am not sure about its actually characters allowed). I was quite irritated this morning when I read a status which was quite long for me especially on Sunday. I have read long status update before and I am not sure why this irritation this morning. Or I just had a bad Sunday morning, maybe? Well, I doubt.

And it was out of this irritation that I came up with this Facebook 101 rule, in fact it was a warning to all my friends who always have took much to say on their status that:

 “WARNING: If you have too much to yep about (myself, as a blogger, included), there is what they call Facebook Note. I don’t wanna read more than 20 words on your status, please. Do it and you’re blocked. Period!!”

Although this warning was more that 40 words itself, as friends reminded later in response, I just wanted to communicate the irritation and its (concerned long status’) unreasonableness. Reasonably, I expect Facebook status not to be more than 100 words, at least.

Hell, I haven’t got all day to read these many status updates (and don’t ask why I read it in the first place as I had the choice of not doing do. Well I read it because it was there to be read. Finish en klaar).

Oh, yes, block me if you find my status unreasonably long according to your own standards.


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