What section of the news do you read first?

Mail & Guardian is and has always been my favourite newspaper in the country – followed by Sunday Times. A weekend without my M&G is like Hell (if there ever is such a place).

With M&G – and thanks to having subscribed to its daily Newsletter – I get a sneak peak of what to expect that Friday after knocking off. Sometimes my colleagues call me crazy when I tell that I am going to town – as that is the ONLY place where I can never run out of stores that sell it and that makes it easier for me – to just get a copy. Telling them that it costs about R23.50 – my colleagues, well some of them I must say – think they would have preferred to buy a copy of some of these snazzy magazines we are bombarded with on a monthly basis, magazines I hardly buy unless it is The Thinker, Financial Mail or Fin Week.

Like many of you, I have my favourite section of the newspaper that I love. The first one is the front-page, followed by news sections and of course Comment & Analysis (in M&G) and Review (in Sunday Times).

These days I have been buying City Press from my local store – where on a weekely basis especially on late Saturdays, depending if I will be around on that weekend, I go and pay for Sunday’s City Press and Sunday Times because I will have already gotten M&G the previous day in town.

As in M&G and Sunday Times – with City Press I also look at the front page, news sections and of course its Voices section which contains comments and analysis from various sectors of our society.

Of course I do buy Sunday Independent too – also depending on its front-page and what one can expect on its Dispatches section which also contains comments and analysis.

Once I have gone through these pages, it is then that I take a peak at the Business sections before turning to the Careers section where I just check which of the posts I could apply for (if I really wanted to try my luck). I do not even watch sports for that matter. Never.

And if there is one section that I hardly ever look at it is the Sports section, normally the back page.

This topic was generated automatically after I published my previous column which I then typed away.


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