My pledge to Women

Considering that August is a Women’s Day in South Africa and that I am not a professional poet – I then thought of writing a pledge to all women not only in South African but to women across the globe.


You carried me

Cared for and loved me

Unconditionally you raised me


You guided and led me

Kissed my chick when laying me to sleep


You brought me here

Not for yours alone

But for the world

This scary world of ours


Through the stormy marriage,

Through the story weather of raising me

Throughout you told me to be strong

Hold on to your skirt


You taught me to love

To smile, care, cherish

To give, share, and to just be


You taught me right from wrong

Spanked me

Not to punish but to instill discipline

For the generations to come

And not for the now-and-then


You told me it’s okay to cry

When it hurts

When crying was meant for women

You wiped away my tears of sorrow

And tears of happiness


Raised me, adopted me or not

You are a mother, grandmother, aunt and a sister

The rock of my life throughout



You remain love


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