Why I believe ANC Political School groomed Juju to insult elders

That President Jacob Zuma took the stand just after African National Youth League president Julius Malema reportedly insulted opposition (although I prefer to call them alternative) Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille and calling her a “ cockroach” is embarrassing. At least to me, that is.

Addressing the league supporters and community members in Stellenbosch, according to media reports, Malema is quoted as saying Zille is a “cockroach” and therefore pleaded with audiences to vote her out.

Zille’s DA is a leading political party in theWestern Cape– having taken over from the dominant ruling African National Congress – and is also Premier of the province.

Malema reportedly said ‘we’ (read he and the league) “have no respect for Helen Zille”.

His comments come after Zille was accused of having “built open toilets” for the Makhaza communities in Khayelitsha,Cape Town. He further accused Zille as a “representative of apartheid”, that if she “had her way, she would declare theWestern Capean independent republic”.  Juju blamed his audiences for having “put a [Zille] cockroach in Cabinet” and that she needs to be removed “by voting the ANC into power”.

And it seems the ANC, too, agrees with this ‘cockroach’ statement because just when Zuma took the centre stage at the time – after the firebrand Malema – he never said it was wrong of Malema to have insulted Zille, calling her a ‘cockroach’. Instead, Zuma went on a Media Appeals Tribunal (MAT) trip, saying the decision for the MAT was one – and remember in politics this is called “resolution(s)” – taken by the party at its Polokwane National General Council in 2007.

In Setswana we normally say: “[Ngwana] ga a ke tsaya mo fatshe”. This practically means whatever it is that you may hear a child say – he might have heard it from his elders, and in Malema’s case he might have heard it from the ANC elders, the disrespectful ones of course as it has plenty of them.

Therefore it should not have come as a surprise to me that Zuma never said a word to Malema about his comments because maybe that is exactly what he is being taught at the party’s Political School, if he really is going there and that he has not defied the party’s executive decision that he should attend the school where he is (regrettably) groomed to insult elders and everyone else who differs with his views/opinions and every member of the opposition.

7 thoughts on “Why I believe ANC Political School groomed Juju to insult elders

  1. Akanyaung, what on earth do you think would have happened to me if I had called Zuma and his party a bunch of cockroahes? This thing about Malema calling ANY person a cockroach, is exactly the sort of thing I dislike. Dislike is not the proper word. I would rather call it “nauseated”. The black youth of our country (and all young people for that matter) need positive leaders that can show them the way out of poverty and dire distress. Malema is not capable of doing that. I don’t say that because I’m white or because he called white people thieves and criminals … I say that because it is the simple truth. He lacks the abilities, finish and klaar. If our government honestly yearns for a peaceful solution to the chaos running wild in our country, they should replace Malema immediately, before he can sow any further seeds of wrath and disharmony and hatefulness.

    Have you made any progress with Thula Thula? Or was it too much for you to swallow?


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