How I got dumped by an SMS

In relationships there are ups and downs caused by disagreements which often lead to fighting. In a worst case scenario, those involved tend to kill one another for a number of reasons only known to them. Others, however stupid yet funny and strange, use Short Message Service (SMS) to end relationships instead of going to extreme lengths when they have had enough.

Today, 26 May 2010, I became one of those who got dumped by SMS. This, unfortunately, was expected given numerous SMS exchange between the two of us: me and my now former girlfriend.

Frankly, I did not want to make this personal but after thinking about it I thought it nothing wrong with sharing my experience with the world, one of the founding reasons for the blog and the world doing the same with me. Below, I will share what lead to my getting dumped by an SMS. To make things simple, I am AK and my ex-girlfriend is MO (I short name I used to call her with).

MO: Hey, sum gal called me yday, calld me MO, and she told me abt u and her, and then said dat u are her bf and she saw my name onurphone. Shes nt the only 1, a long tym ago a guy who happens 2 knw u, told me dat u are just waistin my tym coz u hav a gf, I didnt wnt 2 believe him coz I neva thought u would lie 2 me, I need u 2 be honest wit me, do have a gf there?

AK: Wat r u up to now?

MO: Cant u answer me? Or are u stil thnkin abt hw u could lie 2 me again? Tel me the truth wil u?.

AK: Wat is going on? R u playing games to test my love for u, or u r serious about these calls? Do they use their numbers or private ones? Do u know their names? If u don’t then how cum u believe them? Did you ask them y they tell u now, and y they did nt say this wen I was around? I am nt going to answerurquestions because I do not deal with people I have never met nor their face. And at least now I know where we stand, thank you.

MO: I just want 2 knw the truth, am i just ur timekeeper or wt?

AK: If u dnt believe a word I say, then is it necessary for me to say anything at all because to u regard my side as all bull and lies?

MO: I dnt want 2 believe dem, bt when I luk bck 2 wt we hav been through lately, I really dnt knw wt 2 believe, firstly u told me dat u dnt wish 2 get married at al and then u go 2 pta nd when u get bck u dump me, using the word BREAK, nd uve bn putting space btwn us b4 u left nd nw dis? I really dnt knw wher I stand wit u.

I then called a friend of mine to check if he had anything to do with this: that he had mentioned my calling MO. My friend, someone I trust and believe, said he knew of no such thing. Later, I sent MO an SMS saying: I spoke to my friend and he knows nothing. And the sage continued the following day, 26 May 2010.

AK: So, what have u decided today? That u believe strangers the lies they tell you than the truth your boyfriend you no longer trust & believe tells you?

MO: Al I knw id dat as long as I havent cum there 2 b introduced 2 ur family, my heart wil always remind me of a gal who cald me and it wil b hard 4 me 2 trust u.

AK: So seeing my parents is good reason enough for you to love & trust me again? And seeing my parents is a guarantee that our love is for eternity? And seeing my parents is a guarantee that I will marry you whether I like it or not, something you wanted & which we have discussed before & thought you understood, and that which is not the case according to you previous messages? And until I show you to my parents, you will not trust me ever again then how can you still be in a relationship with me? And thanks for spoiling our anniversary [26 May 2010] with your distrust & insecurities. From this, you seem to have already made up your mind of what will be your next step in this so-called relationship & whatever that may be, I will respect it & move on with my life because I sure as Hell can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t trust me or hasn’t learned to trust me & someone who is insecure.

MO: Wel im sorry if I spoilt our anniversary and ur leave, bt I cnt b in dis drama again, so nw dat I knw im givin u stress, I gues u shud move on witurlyf then.

AK: So this is an official break up?

Because I hadn’t received any response to the question above, I then sent another SMS: I am still awaiting ur response whether ur earlier SMS was ur breaking up with me.

What then followed was a Please Call Me back message from MO to which I thought she must have run out of etym. Before I could gather that she had run out of airtime, I told her to answer my question with a simple yes or not. Later, being the gentleman I think I can be, I went to the supermarket and bought MO airtime worth R15.00 so that she could exactly tell me what the hell was going on. In the message, with the airtime numbers, I said Use this etym to sms ur response to my question earlier…

MO: This is not easy 4 me, but I cnt b in a relationship without trust. I love u very much bt u knw dat u and i dnt have the same dreams, u once told me dat im 2 fast, wel I gues dats hw I wana live my lyf. Maybe u should date sum1 who is stil in high school, coz they wont give u stress lyk I do.

AK: Get to the point please: It’s over: yes or no!

MO: Ok, its over.

AK: Thank you. I guess that it is then, the best way to dump a guy. And do not expect me to argue and wonder why this is happening. How strategic of you. Goodnight KIM and in Whitney Houston’s words: I HOPE LIFE TREATS YOU KIND AND I HOPE YOU HAVE ALL  YOU’VE DREAMED OF, AND I WISH YOU JOY AND HAPPINESS BUT ABOVE ALL THIS I WISH YOU LOVE.

MO: Thanx 2 u 2, I wish the same 4 u 2. I wil always lv and care abt u. And if u feel lyk calling me, dnt hesitate, im nturenemy and I hope u dnt hate me. Am i allowed 2 call u when I want or not?

AK: Ur welcome as long as that will not makeurnew boyfriend jelous on why you callurex.

MO: If i get one, he would hv 2 understand dat we r nt enemies and dat we once shared a lyf.

AK: Goodnight.

MO: U 2.

This is an edited ordeal that was first published here on 26 May 2010.

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