What #AManShallNot do, say, wear, drink, sing, etc

It was last week Saturday [2 July 2011] when I was hit by the hashtag #AManShallNot that had dominated Twitter that it was even trending at the time of writing. Without wanting to miss any of it, I joined the debate.

In fact, it was only after searching who was first to start this #AManShallNot that I discovered it was none other than Khaya Dlanga with his first tweet that “#AManShallNot Have Teddy Bears, not even one” who started what I can now call Proudly South African creation.

Many of the things said under #AManShallNot were quite funny, but that’s if you have a sense of humour yourself, while others were reasonable, true and straight and did not need any scientific confirmation. Among those were tweeted by Lebo Mashile that: “#AManShallNot tell you how he’s a polygamist AFTER you’ve caught him cheating”.

Even performing artist, Ayanda Mpama also said something on #AManShallNot, saying “#AManShallNot Make advances on his woman‘s friend, sister, cousin, aunty, mother etc”.  Mashile continued to say “#AManShallNot pee in the street and expect to be taken seriously.”

The debate was so interesting that even African National Youth League had something to say. The league, using Twitter name @ancylhq, said to men who may have denied fathering children and considering that two weeks agog, on Sunday, was Fathers’ Day, that: “#amanshallnot deny that he is a father of his child”. But before joining the debate, the league asked permission to join the debate, saying: “we see #amanshallnot and #awomanshallnot are trending this morning. Can we join without attracting news coverage?”

Below are many of the things people had to say on #AManShallNot:

  • “#AManShallNot date a friend’s sister unless he intends on marrying her” – said Mabine Seabe,
  • “#AManShallNot have a tongue ring” – said Thato,
  • “#AManShallNot be afraid of holding her hand in public” and “#AManShallNot assume she likes you just because she uses confusing words like, “Babe, sweety, honey” when talking to you” – by Khaya Dlanga  (here and here, respectively),
  • “#amanshallnot come to @cheesekids just to meet the hundreds of fine wife-type ladies that go there, chat them up and not DO any work. sies!” – said Shaka Sisulu,
  • “#aManshallnot (sic) – FORGET Her birthday – NEVER!” – said Dante Bello,
  • “#AManShallNot be heard complaining about not having Vaseline in his bag” – said  Native Fam(ily),
  • “#AManShallNot be expecting to be bought drinks in a club. Be a man!” –  said Linda Moeketsi,
  • “#aManShallNot sing along to R&B songs close his eyes touch his heart and ish, that ish is embarrassing to other males watching.” –  said Dumigwebu,
  • “#AmanShallNot eat ice cream & a pie in public. No wonder nilamba *SMH*” – said Miss_PMoti,
  • “#AManShallNot – Be afraid of a live chicken or a mouse under the bed.” – said Thabo Mdluli,
  • “#aManShallNot expect a woman to pay for dinner… You pay, or we split” –  said Cleopatra,
  • “#AManShallNot ejaculate early and not try to rectify things…” –  said Cleopatra,
  • “#aManshallnot (sic) at any stage try to be manipulative, thinking a NO from a woman means YES – Dude a No is a No.” –  said Dante Bello,
  • “#aManShallNot be uncomfortable in his own skin, no matter what he does, how much he earns, what his body is like, where he’s from…” –  said Shaka Sisulu,
  • “#aManShallNot cheat on his girlfriend or wife or partner” –  said Dante Bello,
  • “#AManShallNot “Kwaaa” with more than 3 “a’s”” – said Ofentse Mogape,
  • “#aManShallNot disregard the words of women. He need not act on them however, heeding is action enough sometimes.” –  saidShaka Sisulu,
  • “#aManShallNot ask for directions before he has made at least two unfamiliar turns. Where is uradventuring spirit man?” –   said Shaka Sisulu,
  • “#aManShallNot not know how to slaughter” –  said Shaka Sisulu,
  • “#AManShallNot wear G-strings. Period.” –  said Lwazi,
  • “#amanshallnot Know the complete lyrics to a Lady Gaga song.” –  said Vuyelwa while Cedric Molefe  said “#AManShallNot dance to Lady Gaga’s music”,
  • “#AManShallNot dance on tables ever.” –  said Evode Ndashima,
  • “#AManShallNot wear red pants” –  said Jay,
  • “#AManShallNot touch my girlfriend, or else I’ll turn him to a d-headed lil’ looser” –  said Jay,
  • “#AManShallNot do the Stjwetla dance…….EVER!” –  said Tshepang Phiri,
  • “#AManShallNot be defined by his material possession, including a manbag!” – said Sentletse Diakanyo,
  • “#AManShallNot be homophobic or xenophobic. Let’s just all get along.” – said Sentletse Diakanyo,
  • “@ancylhq #amanshallnot use divisive political discourse to build his own power base for his own self interest.” –   said Mandy de Waal to the The ANCYl,
  • “#amanshallnot have multiple concurrent sexual partners” –  declared ANCYL HQ,
  • “#AManShallNot have long hair. Leave that to women.” –  said Evode Ndashima,
  • “#AManShallNot sing along with beyonce “I am diva!” In public. @khayadlanga” –  said Nkululeko Mahlangu,
  • “#AManShallNot open beer with his teeth.”  said Nkululeko Mahlangu,
  • “#AManShallNot Wear pink/green/white skinny jeans. Skinny jeans is just a NO NO.” – said Evode Ndashima,
  • “#AManShallNot admit to cheating” –  said Kasi Swag,
  • “#AManShallNot wear shiny lip gloss” – declared Bahle Ndiweni,
  • “#AManShallNot have and wear red socks” –   suggested Thina Madikizela.

During this interesting debate I tested my creativity with: #AManagerShallNot. I first tweeted that: “#AManagerShallNot victimise you or treat you differently than before after you raised some crucial suggestions with him/her” and followed by another tweet saying “#AManagerShallNot dictate, but delegate and lead.” At the time of writing, only these two existed.

As if that was enough, I then tried #AFriendShallNot which also had only two of my tweets with the other one having been retweeted. The first one was “#AFriendShallNot agree with everything and anything you say” while the second one was “#AFriendShallNot date your Ex.”. And it was only the first one that was  retweeted.

And #AWomanShallNot

It was none other than Boitumelo Tulo who suggested the #AWomanShallNot that became interesting, saying: “How’s about #AWomanShallNot…that should be interesting. LOL! Although a woman should do anything & everything that pleases her.” Below are interesting #AWomanShallNot tweets that both men and women tweeters said even at the time of writing:

  • “#AWomanShallNot wear kitten heels!” – said Tumi Voster,
  • “#AWomanShallNot spend more on her hair than she does on her kids” – said Lebo Mashile
  • “#AwomanShallNot shave her eye brows n draw em back higher *thank u gud bye, leaves boardroom*” – said Hlonipha Mapaseka,
  • “#AWomanShallNot be best friends with her ex-boyfriend when she has a current BF.” –  said Asanda,
  • “#AWomanShallNot fight another woman for “stealing her man”. *yawn*” –said  Boitumelo Thulo,
  • “#AWomanShallNot shout at you over something that happened 6months ago. Women save up stuff so they can fight about it in future.” –    suggested Asanda,
  •  “#AWomanShallNot be friends with every club manager in town.” – thinks Asanda,
  • “#AWomanShallNot wear a top as a dress to a point where she’s even uncomfortable in her own dress!” –  said Tumi Voster,
  • “#AWomanShallNot drink Black Label!” –  dreams Ludwe,
  • “#AWomanShallNot Date two guys at the same time, that makes you a hoe” –  advised Native Fam(ily),
  • “#AWomanShallNot have too much cleavage and too much ass showing at the same time! Its tacky” –  suggested Thabisile Tilo,

Do you have anything that you would like to add to the list?

If you do, I think you might have to join Twitter first and then tweet away…

This is an edited article written for and published by I Like What I Write web site yesterday [9 July 2011]. 


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