Goodbye Fifa, welcome back Mzanzi

Many South Africawill agree with me that indeed Fifa called the shots on running South Africa better than any government has managed in half a century… and it was made easier for [it].

Leading up to the tournament there was talk of Plan B, something Fifa Boss Sepp Blatter has since dismissed as untrue, some media restriction challenges that had many media houses complaining and even worried but were later changed after Fifa claimed it was committed to media freedom.

And then there were some silly arrests of a couple of orange-costumed soccer fans.

Honestly, Fifa did call the shots given the guarantees by the SA government and made a heck lot of money with its TV rights and scored billions of rand for itself while at it.

The Spanish winning must have had something to do with Nelson Mandela’s appearance at the pitch. Or maybe not.

That SA 2010 Local Organising Committee delivered as it did is quite a reminder of what’s possible. This, of course, does not mean forgetting the country’s challenges as we have known them since and even before democracy.

With this, I say welcome backSouth Africa that we know and have known and goodbye Fifa. As for Fifa, I say find another country to take over and control like you didSouth Africa.

This article was first published in a blog I owned then on 12 June 2010 which I no longer own.


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