Is there “copy and paste” in SA newsrooms?

I came across a not-so-funny mistake in the Times Online report which, with proper editing, could have been avoided. But it wasn’t, was it? Or otherwise I would not have picked it up.

In this report from the South African Press Association (SAPA) appearing on The Times Online web site today, the word “whcih” appeared instead of “which”.

Why, I ask, was such a silly and small word not seen, edited and therefore avoided by the Times Online editor, or whoever was responsible for putting the story online?

The sentence from a story headlined “AfriForum exposes Malema, ANC ‘racism’” and shown to have been sourced from SAPA and put on the web site today at about 10:17 AM, thus read:

“AfriForum says it has succeeded in its first objective with the Malema case, whcih was to expose Malema and the ANC’s “racist intolerance of minority communities”.

One then wonders then if, at times, it is just “copy and paste” in our newsroom. Is there?


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