David Bullard is back on Twitter to ‘upset and irritate’

Controversial Bullard's back to upset and irritate you

I must say that I am very pleased to announce that the “controversial” former Sunday Times Columnist David Bullard is back on Twitter, again. This after he decided to cut some loses with us, last year if I am not mistake.

In fact, I found out while reading one of his interesting and latest articles about the going-ons at Avusa Media, one of the country’s big media publishing companies. Avusa is publisher of newspapers such as Sunday Times, Sowetan, Sunday World, and The Times, to mention but a few. Bullard said he decided to come back to Twitter after his “wise counsel” advised him that his return to the social network would be good especially with his new book due to be published this year around Christmas.

On his first tweet on March 31, Bullard said: “Back on Twitter thanks to pressure from the immense fan base. Is this a good idea I wonder?” And it sure was on the same that that he challenged former Mail & Guardian newspaper and now City Press editor Ferrial Haffagee after she claimed she almost fell-off her chair when said read comments by now former columnist Kuli Roberts for the Sunday World newspaper about coloured people.

Bullard said: “If Feral Haffageegee almost faints when she reads Kuli is she a fit and proper person to be editing a newspaper. Probably not”. He went to take on former Sunday Times editor and now Avusa editor-in-chief Mondli Makhanya saying “The great thing about retirement/unemployment is that you can get drunk at lunchtime. Just like Mondli Makhanya!!!!”

This tweet, need I say, made me wonder however if Makhanya was a…. shhh.

Just this last Friday, Bullard advised that it was probably best if Makhanya resigned if Avusa would not want to “share info hardly in the spirit of the SANEF [South African National Editors’ Forum which Makhanya is a chairperson for] constitution”.

Having left his followers at the time of about 12000, Bullard had just about 36 tweets, having started on his return at the time of writing on Sunday night on 10 April 2011. At the same time he had just about 162 followers, myself included and was only following about 32 twitters.

With @lunchout2 as his Twitter name, Bullard sure as hell aims to “upset and irritate as many lefties, losers and do gooders as possible”. “After all”, asks Bullard on why he returned to Twitter, “what’s the point of life if you can’t ruin someone’s day?”

And boy did he start on a high note…

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