University of KZN suppressing “academic freedom”

The University of KwaZulu Natal faces a “lack of academic freedom” which has now “stifled debate about institutional matters and of debates conducted in ways which obfuscate rather than elucidate issues”, according to an Oral Feedback memorandum which the Mail & Guardian newspaper had obtained and reported on.

This after the Council on Higher Education (CHE) appointed a task team to investigate the university. The newspaper reported extensively on the development at the university.

According to Martin Hall, who formed part of the said task team and wrote in the newspaper in January this year, the CHE decided to suppress the report of its own audit of the University after a letter he wrote to the then chairperson of the HEQC a few weeks after the audit panel finished its work was leaked to and published in The Mercury newspaper in January 2009. Hall said a report which has since not been published if it is to be published, it “would have been found to be a thorough and balanced evaluation of one of South Africa’s leading universities” as it “details and commends significant achievements and presents a range of evidence-based recommendations for continuing improvement”.

He said the reasons the report “reasoned and evidence-based findings on institutional culture and academic freedom would have helped the university move on from a difficult phase in its history”. Hall says although the “oral feedback is not formally part of the report”, it was however a written statement that had “previously been agreed on by the audit panel”.

Hall said Malegapuru Makgoba, vice-chancellor of the university being audited decided who should be present to hear the statement and that not only did Makgoba open the oral feedback session to anyone who wished to attend, but that she also made it available to anyone in the university via a live video stream on the internet. “This duly happened on October 24 2008”.

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