‘Coloured girl’ writes to Kuli Roberts

Dear Kuli. Please allow this so-called “coloured girl” to respond to your column. I’m all for a good laugh, and especially so if the joke is based on race. Tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted fun? Hell yeah, bring it on. However, I tried very hard to find the slightest hint of humour, satire or even sarcasm in your column.Last night, after endless discussions on social media sites, I still couldn’t put my finger on exactly why your column offended me the way it did. I tried, as a coloured girl, ticking off the parts of your column I could relate to. I am coloured, I still have all my front teeth, I’m certainly not violent, and I hate beer, not to mention Black Label. So why was I offended?

I can appreciate the intention behind your column.  I presume you tried to provide some sense of humour amid all the racial sensitivity of late but unfortunately your intention backfired.

For starters, your column has no journalistic value. Tongue-in-cheek it certainly was not. If the intention was to write a good-humoured, satirical piece then let me assure you, my dear, you are lacking the talent to nail that type of writing. Unfortunately, that type of writing requires an advanced mind.

Furthermore, your column was ill-informed and simply distasteful.  I’ve heard various accounts from people across the race spectrum and the general consensus is that those who are not coloured, and those who are not female, were most likely not offended and possibly thought your column was hilarious.

Perhaps you can clarify how calling me a “sex-hungry, baby-making machine” is funny? Am I missing the point? Am I too serious? Should I get a sense of humour? Perhaps.

I’ve been accused of many things but lacking a sense of humour is not one of them. Your column implies that your race is superior to that of the coloured race. One of the main aims of any journalist is to write thought-provoking arguments that can stimulate debate, not drivel that can be labelled racist and derogatory.

A favourite quote from a good friend rings true: “Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it”. Perhaps keep that in mind next time you start “bitching”.

This letter was written by Meriza La Key here.

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