Welshman Ncube: Zimbabwe needs “many more” investors

As a South African I have always wondered why it is that many African countries do not invests in each other’s under-developed and developing counterparts. But as things go, many claim it is because of certain rigid laws in those countries which they say are likely to hamper their investments there. And yes, I know there are a number of South African businesses in Zimbabwe. However, that’s not enough.

Just look at how many Zimbabweans flock to South African for employment and that the very same companies and individuals hire them and that could have invested there and therefore hiring them in their own country are now exploiting them.

These exploitations include alleged conditions which even South Africans – who now claim Zimbabweans are taking their jobs yet they are lazying around – do not and would not want to work under. Yet, these hungry and starving Zimbabweans would work under any conditions, however unfavaourable to South Africa or for any other human beings sometimes, to earn a living and send some money back home for those left behind.

Last week, I attended a meeting where it was mentioned in passing that Zimbabweans should be avoided as potential employees. This was not to discriminate against Zimbabweans at all nor was it some kind of a ‘xenophobic’ attack on these or any other foreign nationals to South Africa. No, it was not. And I know that is somewhat discriminatory and unfair but at that time when this was said I really understood the point from which the person was talking.

A junior manager (NB: this was not discussed by my employer at all) from a particular company said the reason Zimbabweans should be avoided as potential employees was because unlike in South Africa where we have the likes of SAQA and other certificate verification companies, it was however difficult to verify a certificate of any nature that is obtained in Zimbabwe. This, I suspect, was also because of the somewhat tense situation in that country, and of course of possible corruption that has to be avoided at all costs.

But he then said it would not be wrong to hire Zimbabweans at all – as they were subject of the discussion at the time – unless an employer himself can verify the said qualifications of his potential employees and that when an external audit is done, which will also take into account to employer’s employee training and qualifications, the employer is able to submit such verification documentations.

Back to Zimbabwe’s investment…

Contrary to media reports of what was and is still happening in that country – a while back I asked on Twitter Zimbabwe Minister of Commerce and Industry, MDC President, advocate and a professor at law, Welshman Ncube, whether investors were still interested in investing in Zimbabwe as I thought things had become better.

In his response on Twitter today Ncube said “yes” indeed many investors were and are interested in investing in Zimbabwe and that the country still needs more of them.

“Yes they are many. However we need many more!” said Ncube on Twitter today.

So, businesses, please invest there….

More to follow later…


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