12 of the other 21 activities to be added to your timesheets

This is a response to Sarah Britten’s 21 activities missing from your timesheet blog post that appeared on Mail & Guardian Online’s Thought Leader blog recently.

At the time, Britten said the following were just some of the things that had to be included in the timesheet:

  • Bathroom breaks,
  • Smoke breaks,
  • Skinnering (which is the same as a smoke break, but for non-smokers),
  • Thinking (see above),
  • Making coffee and/or tea.
  • Looking for teaspoons would fall under this category,
  • Waiting for the microwave,
  • Playing pool and/or fuzball (a substantial chunk of daily activity in most ad agencies),
  • Looking for the right boardroom because the change of venue wasn’t reflected in Outlook, and many other.

And in my list, I think the following should be added as well:

  • Arguing with you boss (who could not reason) when you could have done something worthy of earning you some rands.
  • Having to cover someone else’s work should be covered,
  • Pondering at work about you next blog’s headline/topic when you should be thinking about the next coming pitch for your client,
  • Blogging/ writing a blog post during working hours or researching materials for your next blog post,
  • Men who look at women’s “boobs and behind”
  • Women who look at “gyming and exercising guys” with nice built body parts,
  • Making a cup of coffee/tea without getting any work done,
  • Leaving work earlier even when you came late that morning,
  • Leaving work late even when you came to work earlier that morning,
  • Foul language,
  • Misplacing documents/files and thereby taking too much of your time having to look for them,
  • Spending too much (than you should) on the phone with friends/family when you should be with clients,
  • Bossy Bosses

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