Man and their habit of cheating

On my way to work this morning, I asked for a lift as I always seem to these days for one cannot afford or does not have his own a car.

While looking outside the car window, the driver called a lady who seemed to be his girlfriend, if not a wife, and had a child together because he asked her how the child was. And the poor girlfriend said the child was okay.

While busy talking to the lady on the other side of his cellphone for I could not just shut my ears from listening to whatever they were on about – I heard him ask her if is she will be going to school and she said yes, and also asked why she should not leave her phone with her mom because she did not answer the phone at first when he called her.

The conversation went on for a few minutes.

Interestingly, the driver told the mother of his child that he was tired while on his way to work and that he’s tired of living alone – more like ‘come and stay with me’ – and asked if she could not come and visit him for three weeks to which she answered by saying she will let him know soon.

Just after his phone call to the mother of his child, he immediately called another lady who, to me, sounded, like a ‘nyatsi”. Or the one who sounded like another girlfriend.

He said to his ‘nyatsi,” (using strong language) that she should close her eyes and spread her feed and she will feel what he will do to her. Or maybe I should have mentioned this.

To cut the long story short, the poor ‘nyatsi’ must have thought she’s his only girl and unfortunately, she was not.

Why do man to this. But wait, not only is it us men but women do it too. What actually drive us into cheating? Why not leave your partner for whatever reasons if you are not satisfied with what it is that she’s or he’s doing and look for another?


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