Follop up on a ‘Letter to HPCSA’

It is always interesting and encouraging to receive confirmation of any compaints, or even response to any claim or praise against any particular individual, especially when such is positive. However, one can never rule the possibility of receiving negative and quite discouraging response to such as this one under discusion.

Gladly, below are a few positive response from the South African Health Professional Council of South Africa, one in particular, Office of the Ombudsman-HPCSA:

Dear Mr Merementsi
Your email today refers. We acknowledge receipt. We are forwarding the email with attachments for further management to the office of Ms Daphne Molatjane, the Senior Manager: Legal Services whom I am copying on this email for ease of reference.
Further communication shall be forthcoming from Ms Molatjane’s office in the above regard.
Thanking you.
Another email from the organization read:
Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to advise that your e-mail has been forwarded to the HPCSA Legal Department, office of Adv T Boikanyo . . .


Elmarie Wood
Secretary: Medical and Dental Professions Board
Health Professions Council of South Africa
This, as said before, is the encouraging thing I have ever felt after doing something not for my benefit, but for the larger population in South Africa, and it should be applauded, for now and to this far at least.
Any developments, Further developments will be posted here.

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