Why are the poorest exploited the most: Part 2

Not to admit let alone condone exploitations that have made the rounds during the apartheid and colonial eras, and while others continue to do so today, that does not make them any less exploitative. Instead, they are seen, by me especially, as more exploitative and as the worst form of exploitation one can think of or that comes to mind.

More than that, this is mainly because it is the rich that are exploiting the poor and their resources. Or worse, even more sickening, is the fact that it is Africa’s poorest people and resources – as always preferred to by researchers from these rich countries – that continue to be exploited.

Unfortunately, government or any of its officials has not warned against, or objected to these exploitations. As a result, it is their silence that tends to make such exploitations by rich countries/nations as okay on the poorer nations, if not make them any acceptable.

Sadly, too, these exploitations – although they may be taking place in other countries or continents around the globe – seem to be acceptable and acceptable in most, if not all, African countries .are taking place since the apartheid and colonialism era and continue to do so in the present days, this, I must admit, if the worst exploitation of all.

This is because, even the government of the day, indirectly or not, continue to exploit its resources and people through these activities. Although not many would agree with this sentiment – this is the worse form of exploitation.

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