Cholera in Zim: Africa and world must do something!

If media reports (Mail and Guardian reported that the World Health Organization indicated that total of 3 028 people are now known to have died from the water-borne disease while 57 702 have been affected) are anything to go by, then the world really must do something – especially all national and continental leaders – about the situation in Zimbabwe whereby a huge number are reported to have died as a result of the Zimbabwean government’s lack of governance and humanity towards its people.

This requires us – people of this world irrespective of our location – to come to getter and do or and initiate something that will protect and help people of Zimbabwe from the situation they find themselves in because their leaders care less, though they may be blamed for such a mess.

It may be something small or even bigger and better.

Zimbabweans need our help now more than ever – even though they needed and continue to need us and we still ignore them – instead of finding fault in certain leaders and not others!


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