Covering letter: Good or bad?

I, Akanyang Merementsi, hereby apply for the HR position as mentioned in the newspaper ( The Star, Workplace, 26 March 2008).

Although the experience I gained in my previous work experience is limited, I believe given the opportunity to perform the position applying for – I will learn and gain even more experience and also perform more than would be expected of me.

Please find the attached CV.

I hope my application will receive your full attention and consideration.

Yours Faithfully,
Akanyang Merementsi


To : Mrs Vatiswa Faith

From : Akanyang Merementsi

Subject : Application for Senior Personnel Officer, Ref: DHSS/APRIL/08/292

Mrs. Vatiswa Faith

I, Akanyang Merementsi, a graduate in Bachelors of Administration with Human Resource Management, hereby apply for the above-mentioned position as advertised in the Newspaper, Workplace, The Star 7 May 2008.

I have one year experience with the University of North West’s Faculty of Commerce and Administration in which I gained a lot of administration work; communication skills, using Ms Packages, interpersonal skills and sound problem-solving skills.

Therefore I believe to meet the requirements of the position, and that the gained working experience will enable me to attain the work objectives and even exceed the expected outputs.

Please find the attached copy of my Curriculum Vitae which contain information you might require in your decision-making.

Should you wish to interview me, I am available at any time convenient to you and can be reached at the following numbers: +72 73 142 3040 or +27 82 695 3895.

Hoping my application will receive your full attention and consideration.

Yours Faithfully,
Akanyang Merementsi


One thought on “Covering letter: Good or bad?

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