Can South Africa’s crack it?

I must admit that is one of South Africa’s good and a great search engine, which is recently being used my many South Africans – especially it’s blogs.

I have so many blogs on the Internet. However, and are the most blogs that I use often than any other blogs. Having said that, http://akanyangm.blogspot has more posts than any other of my blogs by the way.

Over the years, I have realized that has improved impressively. I remember at one stage asking myself if “ is trying to compete with the likes of Google and Yahoo!.

Despite tough competetition the site’s experiencing – is likely to see the increase of its bloggers increasing over the years. News24, Sport24, Mynews24,fin24, Women24,Entertainment are some of the services that the site offers. is one of my favourite services that the site offers. I once submitted an articled there titled “critical of criticism.”

It offers ordinary South Africans to air their views which after evaluation and some editing – will be published and can be seen on the web site. The service also offers opportunity to users to have their say on whatever issue or matter they think is importance and share that with other users on the site.

If you want to read more of and about South Africa and everything about it or maybe create your own blogs – visit


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