Jacob Zuma must just give in

It is very surprising when you claim that you have got nothing to hind, yet you refuse investigation into your dealings. This is what Jacob Zuma, the South Africa former deputy president has been doing but he is unlikely to achive such.

This is after the Judge Willie van der Merwe ruled against his application to Pretoria High Court to intervene in the state’s request to obtain information from banks and lawyers in the United Kingdom according to Mail & Guardian online and South African Press Association.

It is, however, not clear whether Zuma will appeal the Court’s decision or not as he was not available during the Court ruling.

His legal team approached the Pretoria High Court arguing that he should have been notified about the application and only became aware of the application after Judge Ben du Plessis ratified a letter of request for international assistance from McCarthy.

The National Director of Public Prosecutions is satisfied with the Court’s decison to go ahead with its investigation.

If Zuma hasn’t got anything to why – then why try to intervene in the investigation against him?

Or, maybe, just maybe – there is something more to it than it appears to be. We’ll be waiting in bated-breath and suspension to the outcome of the investigation.

For now – “we just have to speculate” i think.


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