In defence of Vusi Mona’s IQ

Following his response this week that e-tollers should “raise [their] IQ” when seeking assurance that indeed threatening SMSes for payment were from Sanral (failing which their accounts will be dealt with through debt collection?), many have since suggested that its spokesperson, Vusi Mona, should resign. Continue reading

Batswana men not hopelessly romantic

Keletso Thobega has written a very interesting opinion piece on Botswana’s Mmegi newspaper that we, Batswana men, are actually romantic in our own and unique way – and not exactly the western way many women expect of us especially since many of them watch these American and British romance movies (emphasis). Of course many women – especially Batswana women – would likely and are of course expected to disagree with Thobega. But to paraphrase, isn’t romance in the eyes of the romanced? Continue reading

Why ANC’s right not to vacate Tlokwe offices

Following the North Gauteng High Court decision yesterday to dismiss African National Congress’s application to declare unlawful a council meeting in Tlokwe Municipality which resolved to elect Democratic Alliance’s Annette Combrink as a mayor, I commended the provincial government decision to respect the court ruling. Continue reading

Why Malema can’t sue Maile for insulting him

In 2009, former ANCYL President and now Economic Freedom Fighter Chief Convenor, Julius Malema, accused Democratic Alliance leader, Helen Zille, as a “racist and [that she] will remain a racist”. Two years later, he “unreservedly apologise(d)” and “unequivocally retract(ed)  their (his and Floyd Shivambu’s) statements” at Zille last following her R1.4m against the two at Western Cape High Court. Fast-forward to 2013, Malema is said to be going to file a lawsuit against ANCYL Gauteng chairperson, Leboganag Maile, for referring to him as a “drunkard and a womaniser” early this week. Continue reading

Cosatu (and Police) serious about women abuse?

At 16:05 on 29 May I received a message on my phone (thanks to these sophisticated phones nowadays) that an email sent to one of Cosatu’s officials had been deleted without being read. This was one of the many follow up emails sent to the labour federation in three months. Reading this message on my phone, I was deeply disappointed. Continue reading

Is Pistorius’ clubbing news?

I know nothing about running a newspaper nor do I claim to be a journalist but I sure know a thing or two about what news is and what news isn’t. I therefore have a hard time believing Sunday Times’ front-page lead story “Oscar parties” today, 14 April, is news. Worse, I doubt this article was worthy of a front-page. Or was it? Continue reading

On Western media’s myopic view of and anachronistic attitude towards Africa

Editor’s Note: This is an edited opinion piece that has seemingly been rejected for publication for reasons unknown to me by two online publications and TIME Online. For two South African online publications, their motive(s) for non-publication is not clear at all to me nor were attempts made to do so. But for the TIME, well, it is probably understandable as the opinion piece criticises its reporting of Africa – the ‘dark’ continent. Were all these publications fair not to publish this (which is of course their right)? You be the judge. Continue reading